Top Questions You Should Be Asking Your Realtor

How does this whole process work?
How do I know what properties to look for or how do I find them?
How do I find properties I like and not what a Realtor wants me to look at?
How do I know what the neighborhood is like?

What can I expect from you when I hire you to find me a home to buy?
A team that works together will offer me much more than a single agent can.
Having contacts and venders available to me for my Mortgage, Inspection, Title Co. and all my needs.
Are they offering me a free search link and other tools to help me search properties for myself?

What if there is already an offer on a home, can I still make other offer on it?
Will I get a chance to up my offer if there is other offers turned in?
What is the difference between a Short Sale, Foreclosure and a HUD Home.
How the inspection period works.
What is Earnest money and is it refundable.
How does the Offer and negotiation process work. How do I decide what to offer on a home that I like?
Can I offer more than the asking price and ask for the closing costs to be paid by the seller?
Can I make an offer on more than one property at the same time?
Can I back out of an offer if I change my mind.

How do I know what my payments will be on a home before I buy it?
What do I have to pay for and what does the seller pay for?
Do I have to pay the Realtor fees when I buy a home?
How much are closing costs?
What items do I have to pay for upfront and what will those upfront costs be?

What is the lead base paint concern all about?
If I have questions about something how long does it take for you to get back to me?
What if I have questions about something that isn’t part of the realtors job?
Will they be mad if I don’t find a home I like right away and have to look at a lot of homes?

How can I find out what the crime rate is like in the neighborhood?

What Happens if I have a problem w/the Roof Leaking, Or something that had been repaired B4 closing,
Do I call The Roofer or Home Warranty Co?

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